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Hi, Shalom ! My name is Limor Harary, I am an educational architect and leader of change in the fields of technology innovation and education.

I invite you to join me on a journey where creativity and sharp thinking will combine into a deeper learning experience. 

I believe that the combination of technology, education, and creative thinking shapes consciousness and develops a path for success. 


I aim to help parents and educators to make better informed decisions in teaching and learning.

On this website, you will get an impression of my work and practical and innovative ideas for your organization. 

I invite you to dive into the content, get updated, connect, and focus on what you can change and improve in your educational and professional world.

I promise that I will do my best to lead you to new successes and endless creativity and hopefuly add a sparkle...

my lectures


The key to the future: how to educate children in the age of artificial intelligence?

Are you ready to guide your children to a world where artificial intelligence is not only part of reality, but drives it?

In this lecture you will dive into the worlds of education and career of tomorrow, into the heart of the innovations that will affect the lives and future of our children. I will review the professions that will dominate in the future, we will explore the abilities needed for success in the 21st century and together we will understand what are the critical skills for our children's future to succeed in a new and challenging world.
In addition, I will suggest practical ways in which the parents can support and help children to develop the necessary skills and abilities to integrate them into a world where artificial intelligence affects every area of life.

Welcome to the future!


Real Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence - critical thinking in a changing world

In this lecture, I will present ways in which artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to encourage curiosity and critical thinking among children. I will demonstrate how AI can promote asking questions and serve as a bridge to deep learning.

I will focus on the importance of understanding the mechanisms behind AI and how this knowledge can prepare children to face future challenges in a technological and changing world.

The lecture is aimed at parents and educators who want to learn how to use new technologies to foster critical and creative thinking skills in children.

Go down to the depth of questions and rise

(Reichman Hananya)


"Sliding Doors: Concepts of Education Reflected by Artificial Intelligence"

In this lecture, I will discuss how artificial intelligence mirrors our core beliefs about ourselves and the society we live in.

I will explore how artificial intelligence illuminates different approaches in education, democracy, gender, and technology. I will present example cases from the real world and insights from academic studies.

We will also delve into the emotional and social consequences of technological advancements, and how AI reflects our perceptions. Finally, we'll examine how we can use these tools to bring personal and social progress.


Prepare yourself to rethink your perspective.


Schools outside the box: The future of the educational space

Educators play a crucial role in shaping the future generation. However, many of them are still working in outdated environments that have not changed for decades. It's time to reconsider the design of learning spaces to enhance the learning experience, allow for innovative teaching methods, and foster active and curious learners. 


In this lecture, we will take a tour of innovative learning spaces in Israel and around the world. We will explore how the design of these spaces can influence and improve the educational experience. I will present examples of schools that have broken conventions and become models of innovative educational architecture. We will also see how the design supports the educational experience in practice.


Artificial intelligence will be incorporated into the lecture.

Sparkle Girl


Educational approaches around the world

Join me for an adventurous lecture that will introduce you to the distinct educational approaches in several countries across the globe.

Our educational journey will take us to Ireland, Estonia, England, Finland, Germany, Poland, China, and South America.

During this journey, we will explore the unique pedagogical approaches, innovative technologies, groundbreaking educational models, and challenges and opportunities of each country's educational system.

We will also examine the central values that guide these various systems. Get ready to be surprised with fascinating facts about education from around the world!


Don't forget to bring your passport.


Excitement Excitement Excitement

Did you pack by yourself? Educational tourism

I would like to extend an invitation to you to develop your professional knowledge in the field of education by joining a study tour abroad. This is a remarkable opportunity to be exposed to different educational systems and innovative technologies. The tour will include visits to leading schools, where you will observe innovative teaching methods and have the chance to talk with both teachers and students. Moreover, you will meet with experts in the field and visit an educational technology exhibition that showcases the latest innovations in the field.


The aim of the tour is to enrich and expand the horizons of the participants. It will impart new tools and inspire change and improvement in their local education systems. The tour offers an opportunity to learn how colleagues in other countries deal with educational challenges, creating a platform for creating professional connections and gaining insights that can be immediately applied back to the educational institutions of the participants.


During the tour, you will be exposed to a variety of the most advanced technologies in the field of education. You will return with a suitcase full of rich knowledge of digital pedagogy, inspiration and practical tools for leading change in education.

"Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel"
Jim Stovall

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